5x8 Utility Trailer
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5x8 Utility Trailer

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5x8 Utility Trailer

Utility trailers have many household and commercial uses. They can be used to haul cargo, such as a lawnmower, motorcycle, or ATV. They can also be used around the house when doing landscaping and other yard work. A 5x8 utility trailer is usually appropriate for normal home use.

The Explorer 5x8 Utility Trailer

The Explorer is designed to hook on to your ATV and is perfect for hauling bales on the farm or for hauling gear in the woods. This trailer is designed for hauling larger payloads, with its 2,000 load capacity and 25 cubic feet of hauling space. The frame is made of a heavy duty 1.25” powder coated steel to resist scratching and corrosion. Prices vary depending on where the trailer is purchased, but prices start at around $1,000.

North Star Sportstar 5x8 Utility Trailer

This small utility trailer doubles as an ATV trailer and adjusts to allow the trailer to carry longer loads. The mesh floor deck has angled sides to accommodate ATVs up to 81 inches long. To help with offloading, the trailer has a 33” x 50” wide ramp/tailgate. There is some assembly required prior to using the trailer and prices start at about $600.

Trailex 5x8 Utility Trailer

Trailex aluminum lawn and garden trailers are a high quality trailer. This trailer can withstand inclement weather and daily use, but remain maintenance and rust free. The trailer is made of extruded aluminum framework that has been heat treated for strength. It has a weight capacity of 1,200 pounds and comes standard with a wooden deck. The base model starts at $1,199, but you can get a spare tire, spare tire carrier, and an aluminum side rail kit for an extra cost.

Sure-Trac 5x8 Utility Trailer

This multi-use trailer is reliable, rugged and built for work. The powder coated finish provides unmatched protection against the elements and very little required maintenance. They come fully assembled from the factory and ready for use. The wood floor has been pressure treated to ensure the wood doesn’t split or splinter. The 5 x 8 model has a payload of 1,420 and prices start at $995.

Lifetime 5x8 Utility Trailer

The Lifetime trailer is great for the do-it-yourself person. The trailer is large enough to fit a standard sheet of plywood and has a load capacity of 1500 lbs. The removable tailgate can swing outward to be used as a gate, or fold down to be used as a loading ramp. The trailer has a corrugated steel bed with a powder-coated steel frame and sides, making this trailer extremely strong and rust resistant. The great feature about this trailer is that it can be hooked up and ready to tow in just 5 minutes without using tools. Prices start at $1,199.99 for the base model, with optional upgrades available for an additional cost.

A 5x8 utility trailer has many personal and commercial uses. It is the right size to move household goods or tote a lawn mower. It is important to determine your ultimate use prior to purchasing. This will ensure you get the perfect model and type to suit your needs.